A little throwback to our vacation in Switzerland and Italy, Summer 2016

As I was looking through my photos of last years vacation, I though it would be fun to show some of the things we ate while in Switzerland and Italy. Yes I do make pictures of our food, if it looks nice I’ll snap a pic;) And I am not the only one…

We went to Switzerland last summer to visit my family. It was a very special and important time for all of us. My father had to undergo a very dangerous heart operation in June, where they only gave him a 50/50 chance of survival. Feeling so blessed and still emotional that he survived, I can’t explain how it felt to see my dad end of July.

Usually we only eat out a few times, it is pretty expensive in Switzerland and we are able to cook and eat at “home”, that’s why I have only a few pictures to show.


This was one of my kids plate. They (we) love Cordon-Bleu.


My “Fitness” Plate , as they call it, this was salad with deep fried fish, okay the deep fried part is probably not so fitness related;), but I love how they make salads.


Now this is a iconic meal you need to eat if you are ever going to Switzerland: “Rahmschnitzel”. So delicious!


My kids and I love the “Kalbsbratwurst” (veal sausage), another traditional dish usually served with “Roesti” (Hashbrowns).


We also went on a little trip to Venice, Italy. We went by train, 6 hours. Venice is a very interesting and beautiful City.


Bridge of Sighs


Very cute side passages


It was my kids first time in Italy so they really had their minds on trying an Italian pizza:) and gelato (ice cream), for what I was to late to take a picture from, lol.


This was for one person-they had no sizes to choose from! Way to much, but delizioso!




I had to have Gnocchi al pesto-this is one of my favorite dishes-so good!




(Pizza)Bread Faces- so cool!


Back in Switzerland:


Beatus Caves.

Following pictures are from the french speaking part of Switzerland. We stayed with my two brothers and families in a Chalet. That was lots of fun!






I hope you enjoyed my little throwback!





28 thoughts on “A little throwback to our vacation in Switzerland and Italy, Summer 2016

  1. Yummy meals! What part of Switzerland are you from? You might have told me, but I don’t remember, sorry. It’s such a beautiful part of the world, I’d be going home at any opportunity I got. Glad you got to see your Father. I spot Chillon Castle in the last picture 🙂 Love those chalets.

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  2. What a wonderful way to spend the summer– I’ll bet your kids loved it! And the food looks so inviting! Recognize Castle Chillon– one of our favorite places… Thanks for the photos– you’re making me wish we could do the same trip!! hugs!

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  3. Well you certainly ate well during this trip! You are lucky to have a home in Switzerland to go to. I stayed in Basel for quite some time for work many years ago… it was so lovely! Glad to see that your father is well!

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  4. Wow! I very much enjoyed seeing the photos and hearing about the food, too. That chalet looks so quaint…I don’t know why I’ve never made Gnocchi on my blog because it is such a wonderful thing. And frugal, too. The sausage looks incredible – I’m not used to seeing sausage with a sauce like that – of course we just tend to grill it or eat it in sandwiches here in the US or cut it up and use it as kind of a skillet or saute with veggies.

    Thanks for sharing all this with us!!

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