Hi, I am Ursula. Thanks for visiting my blog!

I was born and raised in Switzerland and have been living in Canada since 1999.

Ever since I was a child I liked to help bake or cook with my mom or grandmother. When I was a teenager I had this dream of becoming a chef! I did spend a few weeks in different hotel and restaurant kitchens, where I have learned a lot of interesting tips and tricks. In the end it was a little to rough for me in those kitchens so I ended up becoming a hotel secretary. Having a passion for wholesome and healthier food I especially love to bake and can often be found in the kitchen whipping up sweet or savory recipes. I just love the smell of fresh baked treats in our home! Lucky me, I have a husband and two teenage kids that usually love what I create;)

I few years ago I was diagnosed with Rosacea. While this is nothing really bad, it just means I have extremely sensitive skin on my face. The challenge with this is, there are so called triggers that will lead to inflammation. In my case I will get red spots and really warm skin. Triggers are not for everyone the same. For me these are the sun, heat, skincare products, rubbing my face to hard with a washcloth, but also food plays a important role. I had to cut down on dairy, nightshade plants like tomatoes, sugar, caffeine, meat and spicy foods. It has been a bit difficult at times cutting out food that you are used eating on a daily basis, but I really notice a difference.

I will use mostly honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar and dairy free milk in my recipes.

I like to share with you what I bake in my Canadian Kitchen with a European touch;)cropped-088-2.jpg





You can find me on Instagram: @littleswisslittlecanadian