Nut & Date Chocolate Balls

These little Energy Treats are high in Iron, which has become a very important part in my Diet. I am trying to get my Iron levels up, but that has become a harder task than I thought. Even with Supplements and Iron rich foods, my body doesn’t seem to cooperate. I do love homemade Granola, Cereal Bars and Energy Balls. They are so healthy and delicious. My kids love homemade Bars or Balls for School. Covered in Chocolate makes them look more like Truffes-yummy!

  • 2cups  walnuts
  • 2cups  dates (pitted)
  • 1cup    cashews
  • 1tbsp   coconut oil
  • (3tbsp cocoa powder) optional
  • 3tbsp  rum (I used cherry schnapps)-use water or juice if these are for kids
  • 1cup    dark chocolate
  • himalayan salt

-In a food processor, process nuts and dates until finely ground. Add coconut oil, (cocoa   powder), rum. Process until smooth.

-With a small scoop shape into balls. Refrigerate 30 minutes or until hardened.

-Melt Chocolate over a double boiler.

-Dip balls in chocolate, sprinkle with salt or walnut pieces. Keep refrigerated.

Yields around 30 balls